I am Roan and I work hard to provide the best home for my family. Thus, my blog is entitled, homeworksbyroan. I write my triumphs and my frustrations. I will be talking about faith in God, my journeys as a wife, joys of motherhood, and my other passions like my professional work, architecture and sports, touch rugby. Since, I am a second time mother, I will share my thoughts and experiences on breastfeeding, cloth diapering, baby wearing, and baby sign language. Also, raising my 7 year old who is now in Grade 2.

Being a second time Mom, I decided to make things right. Of course, I realized this when I talk to other moms on what they did with their babies or what products do they use to make their lives better and have a happy baby. Thus, I did my home work by researching about pregnancy, newborn care, infant care and attended seminars on breast feeding, cloth diapering and baby wearing and even baby sign languages.

I am also an architect with masters in technology management and a touch rugby player.


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