X – My Eldest Daughter

The first 2 years of my blog  was on my son J. Then I stopped writing  a year ago (Nov 2015 to Nov 2016) for I became very busy and was demotivated to write.  The last 12 months were jam-packed with many things.  And most of it were on my eldest daughter X who is now 7 years old and who is in Grade 2 where God use them to teach me more about being a better mom.

To give you a background, my daughter X started going to prep school at 5 years old.  I delayed enrolling her since I felt she was not yet ready for school.  It was only at 4 years did she memorized the alphabet. And at 5 years old, she learned the sound of the letters. I enrolled her to summer class before she began her prep school. She was struggling with school especially in reading. I didn’t realized that I became hard on her and I became monster mom.   Imagine the life of my daughter.  At 5 years old she should be enjoying life by playing a lot.  But I made it hard on her, we was very busy at night, I was teaching her and helping her with her assignments. She started feeling  bad about school.  Then, one day, God let me realized that I have to show love my daughter whatever the case even if she is not good  at school. So said sorry to her and expressed to her that I love her and I don’t really mind about her performance in school. And so she survived Prep school.

While reviewing her at her exams in prep, I had a feeling she was dyslexic and I started researching on it,  and she is exhibiting most of the symptoms. So I wanted her to be tested but they say it was too early to be diagnosed.  So I enrolled her to Kumon to help her with her reading in Grade 1.

At the start of her Grade 1, at 6 years old , I had her eye checked, we found out that her eye grade was 200 near sighted. Just after 1 month her eye glasses was broken and we had to buy a new pair of eye glasses.

At Grade 1, Xian was passing her  exams, I was not hard on her, But the problem subject was Filipino. We had a crying time every review of her quarter exams. when ever we are studying her tummy is aching or something will come-up. She even said her head get dizzy with the noise at school… I know this is a symptom of dyslexia. we survived Grade 1.

We had her eye checked again before she started Grade 2 and her grade went up to 250.

Before enrollment of Grade 2, Xian expressed that she wanted to be homeschooled but her father said, she should be in regular school. I was able to get her tested with her reading ability at The Literacy Ladder.  And recommended that she is tested by a Development pediatrician that diagnosed her with learning disability on reading or most popular as dyslexia. And she as also diagnosed to be depressed in school. Maybe because she is having hard time in school and in Reading.  She does not like Reading and Filipino subject. So I had to talk to school to accommodate my daughter X to address the recommendations of the development pediatrician and the reading specialist.

Now we go to reading intervention at the Literacy Ladder  twice a week.  One phase of reading therapy  is 24 hours. If done twice a week with 1.5 hour per session then the whole phase will run for 2 months.  X is now on her second phase. And 1 more phase to fully equip X on her reading independently.


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