Blessed Tipid: True Value

From my pregnancy to giving birth to raising my son, I kept a low budget or blessed “tipid” but I got the true value.

I “tipid” or spend wisely my hard earned money. Though, I still believe in value for you money meaning, I am willing to spend on high quality products that may look “expensive” but give me my money’s worth by being effective. I don’t buy cheap products that do not perform to my expectations. For example my vitamins and supplements, I take Nutrilite that gives me extra energy and I pump more milk. but if I just take any generic vitamins out there but don’t give me extra energy and my BM output is low then, I would rather buy Nutrilite that gives me my desired outcome.
2014-05-05 11.52.34

My pregnancy

I have high risk pregnancy so at 12weeks or about 3 months I was in bedrest. Meaning, no work, no pay coz I stayed home and my husband earns and provide for us. But God provided for all our family needs. Money came in at the right time.

Giving Birth Via Caesarian Section

We live and work at Quezon City but I gave birth in Baguio City, my home town. Also, my sister is a pediatrician and I know my CS will go well. We stayed in the private room for 4 days for I was CS. Praise God no complications this time. Our hospital bill was only 28K including my newborn but of course the doctors did not charge their usual professional fee. But with Philhealth benefit of 19K we only paid 9K and gave a love gift of 8K to 4 doctors.
2013-09-18 01.08.37
2013-09-20 17.40.54

Cloth Diapers

I bought cloth diaper (CD) in a seminar from ticklemoms and got a discount of 50 pesos each. The CD at 300 became 250 when I bough a dozen at 250 per piece. First batch was 3K for 12 pieces. And I bought another dozen at a baby wearing expo – Get Carried Away. So I got 24 pieces of diapers for only 6K that is good till potty training or about 2 years old. If I will spend 500 every week for disposable diapers (DD), in 3months or 12 weeks I have spent 6k that I threw away in the dump site. DD will take about 500 years to decompose and there are a lot of chemicals that might give rashes to my baby’s bum.

Tickledmoms CD @ 300 each
2013-10-12 21.00.58

First Halloween costume as ladybug

Kawaii CD @ 450 each with 2 inserts for heavy wetting.
2014-04-23 19.33.00

Baby Carrier and Medela Pumps

Since I was there in the baby wearing event, I got the the ring sling for only 1000 that was 1200 at regular price. I attended a mommy mundo bazaar and got 500 discount for my Medela base manual pump, from 1800, it became 1300.
I went back to work and after using my manual pump for 3 months, I got tired and ask my boss for a raise (an over due salary raise). I told him I want to buy an electric double pump worth 19K. He offered to give me a cash advance (CA) of 20K. And I declined coz I need the raise first before a CA. The next week, I got my raise and got my CA of 18K and I got my Medela Freestyle pump. It was an investment, my goal is to exclusively breast feed in 2 years or 19months when I bought the Medela freestyle. So 19 months for 19K its not 1K per month. It is still cheaper if I buy formula milk but I wont.

2014-02-15 18.35.28

I also use Medala Storage bottles since its reusable.
2014-04-16 21.47.51

By the way, our office do not have a lactation station but I pump in our accounting office. I use a corner and I vacate when the accounting personnel need it.



So far, we do not have added expense on our groceries buying DD and FM that is savings of 5K a month. so I basically saved 45K in the last 9 months. And will have more savings as long as we exclusively breastfeed and cloth diaper. I thank Medela house for hosting BF, CD, Baby Wearing seminars that equipped me in my journey as a second time mom.

Further I make my own nursing clothes, see my blog on Breast feeding fashion. Success of my exclusive breastfeeding is my discreet and fashionable nursing clothes.
2014-03-15 21.38.19
Though I got the inspiration from Sweetpea nursingwear click here for their FB page.


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